A Word that Cannot Be Silenced

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Kings 17:7-16

Thus says the Lord the God of Israel. (v. 14)

Unlike Baal, the Lord is a God who speaks. In this chapter, notice to whom he speaks: to Elijah, of course, but also to the ravens of Cherith and the widow of Zarephath. Even to Ahab a message comes, loud and clear, by means of the never-ending dry weather (Psalm 19:1-4).

What is the Lord doing with Elijah, the chief mouthpiece for his word? Through all the days of drought, he first keeps him alive within Ahab’s dominions, though with no further message to Israel so long as Ahab ignores the one he has already been given. Then he sends him out of Israel into Sidonian territory, real Baal-country (16:31). A poor heathen widow hears the word, acts on it, and can say to the messenger, “Your God lives!”

As the opening verses of John’s Gospel put it, the Word came to his own, and was refused; but there were those who did receive him, and thus became God’s children.

Is God’s word being ignored all around us? Take heart! His message cannot be silenced. If not here, then somewhere else; if not now, then later – it will be heard and responded to.


Thank you, Lord, that everywhere and always your word never fails to accomplish the purpose for which you send it.