God Speaks in Words as Well as Deeds

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Kings 19:9-18

A still small voice . . . (v. 12, kjv)

What Elijah said to God at the cave in Horeb was no more than the truth, however much he may have been tempted to exaggerate. The evil of the time really was great, and though some true believers did remain in Israel, he really was the only one to take a public stand for the Lord.

What God said to him was first an invitation to put into words what had brought him to this place. All that frustration – get it off your chest, Elijah!

Then, after a mind-blowing experience of tempest and earthquake and fire such as Moses had been given in the same place all those years before, there came what the old translations rightly call a voice: “a still small voice“ (kjv). The divine voice was what the prophets of Baal had vainly begged for (18:26, 29), and what now came unbidden to Elijah. And it came not just with the wind, noise, and flame that showed the presence and power of God, but with words that would explain more of his plan.

“Tell me again, Elijah, your story that so far seems so disappointing. Then I will tell you how it fits into my bigger story. And in that you still have a part to play.”


By your word, Lord, stretch our limited grasp of your great plans.