God's Servants: the Next Generation

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Kings 19:19-21

Elisha . . . followed Elijah. (vv. 19, 21)

The young man chosen as Elijah’s successor had a lot going for him. He was smart, guessing at once what the older man meant by throwing him his cloak; eager to take up the challenge; thoughtful toward the parents and generous to the neighbors he was leaving; whole-hearted in burning his boats behind him (i.e., a plough and a dozen yokes) as he embarked on a new life.

Elijah, on the other hand, had been feeling distinctly old and jaded (though in fact his days of service were far from over). It was not “all in his mind,” either. Israel was indeed in a bad way. The larger plan that God had now revealed to his servant showed an inevitable judgment looming, though with the promise, as always, of a faithful remnant (the “seven thousand” of verse 18) preserved.

But when the world seems to be going to the dogs, it is quite a tonic for the pessimists among us to realize that the Lord is raising up a new generation of servants in no way inferior to us. As the saying goes, God buries his workmen – not just yet, we hope! – but carries on his work.


For the reminder that “God is working his purpose out as year succeeds to year,” we praise you, Lord.