Who Would Have Thought It?

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Kings 21:17-29

There was no one like Ahab. (v. 25)

Ahab, on the other hand, might have said in exasperation that there was no one like Elijah. You don’t see him from one year’s end to the next, and then he turns up out of the blue just when you don’t want him – though when you did want him you couldn’t find him.

Well, this would be their last confrontation. As always, Elijah was God’s mouthpiece, and he came with a message of doom. The Naboth affair was the last straw. Because of this sin the Lord would bring disaster on his nation, his dynasty, his wicked wife, and Ahab himself. In the end Naboth would be avenged.

It all happened. But so did something unexpected. Ahab, of all people, repented when he heard Elijah’s words, and the Lord showed him mercy. It was not much of a repentance, and not much of a mercy; he was simply spared the sight of all the other deaths because his came first. But it underlines the Lord’s even-handed dealings with his people, “the kindness and the severity of God” that we have already seen in his word through Elijah (19:17-18; Romans 11:22). In the end sin is always either punished, or forgiven for Jesus’ sake. There’s no other option.


We look forward, Lord, to the day when one way or another all wrongs will be righted.