People Are Kind

Lou Lotz

READ : Exodus 2:1-10

She saw the basket among the reeds. (v. 5)

The man who will one day lead his people through the sea begins his life floating in the river. Pharaoh’s daughter cannot resist the tears of this baby she has found bobbing among the reeds in his tiny ark, and apparently her father cannot resist her tears when she asks if she can keep the child and raise him as her own, for permission is granted. Pharaoh had made a cruel political decision: all Hebrew male children must die. But while politics are often cruel, people are usually kind. Pharaoh’s daughter is kind. Moses is spared.

Politics are often cruel, but people are usually kind. The government might cut back on aid to the poor, but people still donate groceries to the food pantry. Federal programs that provide transportation for the elderly might be eliminated, but people still volunteer to drive seniors to their doctor appointments. During Israel’s incursion into Lebanon in August, 2006, a wounded Arab child was trapped inside a collapsed building. An Israeli paratrooper dug her out, tended her wounds, wrapped his own flak jacket around her, and loaded her onto an ambulance. Politics can be cruel, but people are kind.

Perhaps if we prayed about it long enough and worked at it hard enough, the politics of nations could be as kind as their people.


Help me to be kind.