Names Are Important

Lou Lotz

READ : Exodus 3:13-15

“This is my name forever.” (v. 15)

It is printed on your birth certificate, and it will be chiseled onto your tombstone. It appears on your paycheck and your credit cards. It expresses the essence of your identity – your name.

Names are important. To have a name means that you are a person, not an object. Every day you encounter hundreds, perhaps thousands of people whose names you do not know. Even though you respect them as fellow human beings, they are not special to you. They blend into the general environment. They are part of the traffic on the highway, part of the crowd in the shopping mall. Although they are persons, your relationship with them is impersonal.

But when you are strolling through the shopping mall and you see someone whose name you know, then the whole situation changes. Now you can address this person. She or he can address you. An impersonal situation magically becomes personal, simply because you know a name.

When God gives his name to Moses, God ceases to be an impersonal force – like the weather. If God has a name, then we can address God. We can call to him in times of need. We can engage him. We can obey him. We can know him. What a privilege!


Thank you, Father, for allowing us to call on your name.