Don't Go Back to Egypt

Lou Lotz

READ : Exodus 16:1-3

“If only we had died . . . in the land of Egypt.” (v. 3)

Nothing arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet. How often we begin some great adventure, a journey to a desired destination, only to tire of it and quit. People get tired of a job that, in the beginning, they were thrilled to have. Marriages end in divorce. Ministers quit the ministry. Students drop out of school. How readily we turn back to Egypt!

The children of Israel begin the exodus full of faith, brimming with optimism. But after weeks of wandering, as hunger and thirst set in and the rigors of the journey became apparent, they became disheartened and demoralized. Instead of praying to God they whined to Moses. They lost their sense of destiny. They wanted to go back to Egypt.

We’re all on an exodus, a journey from bondage to freedom, from some Egypt to a place where we sense God is calling us to be. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. In the play Waiting for Godot Vladimir asks his friend Pozo, “Where are you going?” Pozo replies, “On.” That’s a good answer.

Where are you going in your exodus? Where are you going in your resolution to be the person God calls you to be? You’re going on, that’s where. And I’m going with you.


When we grow weary, O God, help us to go on.