Our Daily Bread

Lou Lotz

READ : Exodus 16:13-21

Morning by morning they gathered it. (v. 21)

When King Henry VIII dined on a loin of beef, so the story goes, he was so pleased with its flavor that he knighted it on the spot. Hence the name sirloin. The children of Israel excitedly gather up the sweet, wafer-like substance lying on the ground, the “bread from heaven,” asking “Man hu? Man hu?” What is it? What is it? Hence the name manna.

The interesting thing about the manna is that it couldn’t be stored away and consumed later. You could eat and be filled today. But tomorrow you had to go out and gather up a fresh supply. God fed his people one day at a time. I’ve often wondered whether Jesus had this incident in mind when he taught his disciples to pray, “Give us each day our daily bread” (Luke 11:3).

We can’t live off yesterday’s manna. Some of us are still trying to live on the strength of a Bible class we took in college. Or a prayer group we ceased attending years ago. But that manna doesn’t keep. How often people will reach for their faith in a time of deep spiritual need, only to discover that what was stored away long ago has “gone off.”

Manna doesn’t keep. We need to replenish our supply every day.


Dear God, give us this day our daily bread.