Piece of Cake

Tim Beals

READ : Matthew 9:9-13

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. (v. 12)

Imagine living in one of the most violent neighborhoods in one of America’s most troubled cities – Newark, New Jersey. You believe God has called you to penetrate the darkness of the inner city, but you are surrounded by whole blocks brought to their foundations by crime and poverty.

Your problems are even more basic than that. How do you safely get the drug dealer to leave the front steps of your ministry’s teen center? That’s the problem World Impact missionary Al Warren faced. So he decided to get creative.

Al understood that beneath the dealer’s self-destructive behavior was a common human need: love. So Al baked a cake. He knew that the pusher used to attend services at the teen center, so he looked up his birthday. Although disappointed by the dealer’s life choices, Al set out to love him into the kingdom by throwing him a birthday party. Oddly enough, it worked. The dealer hasn’t stopped pushing yet, but at least he agreed to move his business to a vacant lot down the street. It’s a start.

Christ can’t help the “good” who feel no need, but he can save the “not-so-good” who know they are lost. What can you do to show God’s love to such?


Lord, help me to see and serve as you would!