Dad's Tracts

Tim Beals

READ : 2 Timothy 4:1-5

Proclaim the message . . . whether the time is favorable or unfavorable. (v. 2)

I recently reached into the breast pocket of my father’s suit coat and felt a tug at my heart. We wear the same size, so after he gave me his navy pin-striped suit, I wondered what it was he forgot to take out of the pocket. I pulled out a tract – a copy of the one he’s used for years to share with others his favorite subject: Jesus Christ.

As I thumbed slowly through the little white pamphlet, I remembered those sticky days in July when we traveled to Iowa on vacation where Dad would politely leave one of those tracts for the waitress along with the tip. Without saying a thing, Dad was showing us what mattered most to him. He knows the Lord, and he thinks others ought to have a chance to know him, too. He’ll never know what impact those tracts have had on others. But, of course, that doesn’t matter to Dad.

Because, like the apostle Paul, he has shared Jesus with others “whether the time is favorable or unfavorable,” and because he’s never stopped doing that, my dad has taught me an important lesson. Nothing is more important than sharing the good news with those who only know the bad.


Help me, Lord, to share what I know and love!