The "Plane" Gospel

Tim Beals

READ : 2 Timothy 1:8-12

Do not be ashamed . . . of the testimony about our Lord . . . (v. 8)

The headline of a (San Diego) Christian Times article read “Hijacker of Mission Flight Accepts Christ, Surrenders to Authorities.” I had heard about the incident on TV, but I didn’t know “the rest of the story.”

It began when a plane belonging to Missionary Flight International (MFI), which transports missionaries between the US and Haiti, was commandeered on a routine flight. Armed gunman Woody Edouard, 24, who had sneaked on board, shot a hole in the floor of the aircraft and demanded that they land in Miami.

There were nine missionaries on board. Before the plane could land, one of them, Karen Davis, whom Edouard had taken hostage, shared her faith with the hijacker. He listened to her testimony and “after a while, he prayed to accept the Lord.” When he said “Amen,” he promptly handed the gun over to Davis and surrendered to authorities upon landing in Miami.

What could have ended in tragedy became an amazing story of God’s protection and grace. Even when threatened with bodily harm, Karen Davis did what missionaries do naturally – she shared her faith – and calmly let God work.

Davis’s actions took courage, grace, and preparation. And her experience serves as an example. Under far less strenuous circumstances, we have the same opportunity today.


Lord, let me share you with another today!