Ordinary People

Steven Laman

READ : Hebrews 11:1-34

Without faith it is impossible to please God. (v. 6)

The story mentioned a police officer, a group of firefighters, and two teenagers. What do these different people all have in common? These ordinary people were all named “extraordinary heroes” by the American Red Cross for their actions. The police officer saved the life of a choking toddler, the firefighters rescued a man from drowning, and the teenagers saved a man from a submerged car.

In Hebrews there is another list of ordinary people, like you and me, who did extraordinary things because of their faith. None of them deserved, in themselves, to be honored. If you look carefully through this “Faith Hall of Fame” you’ll find a murderer, a liar, a drunk, and a prostitute. But despite their faults, God used these people and others to accomplish his purposes.

Throughout this series, I invite you to explore with me some of the Bible’s ordinary people. Together we will discover how God used their everyday faith to accomplish the extraordinary. As we examine how they put their trust in him, may their actions inspire us in our own walk with the Lord. It will strengthen our faith. And without faith, it’s impossible to please God.


Lord, thank you for all the faithful people in the Bible. As we learn from them, increase our faith in you.