Faith that Risks

Steven Laman

READ : Genesis 12:1-9

The Lord said to Abram: Leave your country, your family, and your relatives and go to the land that I will show you. (v. 1, cev)

At five he climbed the tallest tree, at eight he climbed up the town’s water tower, and at twelve he walked the neighborhood on two-story stilts. Dad always enjoys risks. From my perspective, one of those was following God’s call to move our family from New York to California. Thanks to his obedience, we all have benefitted greatly.

Abram also had enough faith to walk away from the familiar and follow God into an unknown country. The Lord kept his word to this 75-year-old risk taker. Through Abram’s obedience, God began the nation of Israel, out of which came the Savior of the world – Jesus Christ. By having a relationship with him, people everywhere can be blessed now and forever.

Do you have a faith that is willing to take a risk? Maybe the Lord is leading you to where you can be more useful for him. Or it may be telling a friend about the hope you have in Jesus. When we venture out for the Lord, we are not the only ones who get blessed. We will likely become a blessing to others. Take a risk for the Lord and watch what happens.


Lord, give us the kind of faith that is willing to take a risk for you.