Faith that Steps Out

Steven Laman

READ : Exodus 4:1-17

The Lord said to [Moses] . . . “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” (vv. 11-12, niv)

A few summers ago, I stepped out in faith and accepted an invitation to be a guest chaplain for a week at Camp Warwick in upstate New York. Part of my responsibility was to lead staff devotions. Even though I have written countless devotionals, I wondered if my words would be meaningful, since I had never been a camp counselor. Thankfully, God gave me just the right words which fit their interactions with the campers.

At first, Moses refused God’s request to step out of his comfort zone. The Lord helped Moses by letting his brother Aaron be the mouthpiece before the mighty Pharaoh, trying to convince him to let God’s people go. When Pharaoh finally relented, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, and through the desert for 40 years to the edge of the promised land. On a desert mountain, God gave him the Ten Commandments to instruct the people how to live. Look what God achieved through Moses!

When we submit to God’s leading, there is no telling what he will accomplish through us. Is God nudging you into greater service for him? Step out in faith and he will give you the ability you need.


Give us the courage, Lord, to step out in faith for you.