Faith and Mistakes

Steven Laman

READ : Judges 11:29-40

[Jephthah] promised the Lord, “If you will let me defeat the Ammonites and come home safely, I will sacrifice to you whoever comes out to meet me first.” (vv. 30-31, cev)

As Mom unplugged my electric wheelchair I heard, “Steve, you made a big mistake!” Entering the garage, I learned that I had left the power on, and during the night the charging process made the chair lurch back, causing it to teeter on the edge of the ramp. My mistake could have proved very expensive!

Everyone makes mistakes, including people mentioned in the “Faith Hall of Fame.” Jephthah made a foolish promise that if the Lord would help him defeat the Ammonites, he would sacrifice whoever came out of his house first to meet him upon his return. After the victory, his daughter came out and greeted him. Jephthah’s heart sank and he realized that his vow was a huge mistake. What happened to his only child? Some commentators feel that he actually sacrificed her, while others believe that he merely forced her to remain unmarried and childless.

Regardless of this poor girl’s fate, Jephthah’s story points out that even if we make mistakes, God can still call us people of faith. When we are lost in our sins, Jesus comes to forgive and give us a new start.


Lord, thank you for forgiving our sins and renewing our faith.