Ordinary People – Extraordinary Faith

Steven Laman

READ : Luke 24:13-35

By this time they were nearing Emmaus and the end of their journey. Jesus would have gone on, but they begged him to stay the night with them, since it was getting late. So he went home with them. (vv. 28-29, NLT)

On the first day of this meditation series, I mentioned some people who were recognized by the American Red Cross as their “Ordinary People – Extraordinary Heroes.” I was also honored by them – as their Educator Hero. I am not a teacher or an administrator. I am just an ordinary grade-school volunteer.

Through this study, we have been considering the faith of people listed in Hebrews 11. We might feel small compared to Moses and David. But there is no requirement that we have to be great people in order to have faith.

Jesus reveals himself to average people like you and me. After his resurrection, Jesus strolled and chatted with Cleopas and his friend as they approached Emmaus. Cleopas was not famous, he is only mentioned in the Bible once. Out for a walk, these two met a Jewish man. After talking with him and inviting him into their home, they knew he was the Son of God.

Jesus longs to spend time with anyone who is willing to open their heart’s door. Have you let him in? Let Jesus give you, an ordinary person, extraordinary faith.


Lord, increase our faith every day.