The Kingdoms and the Kingdom

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Daniel 7:15-18, Daniel 7:25-28

The saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom (v. 18, niv, emphasis added)

In his first vision Daniel saw a succession of strange-looking beasts, one following the other. The meaning (v. 16) is that throughout history nations will rise and fall, human kingdoms and empires will come and go, but God’s kingdom is forever.

However great the oppression and weight of evil in the world, hang on to the promise of verse 18: “the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom—yes, for ever and ever” (niv). This promise is as sure as the statement of Jesus, “Heaven and earth will pass away, my words will not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).

Until the end of the world there will be times of trouble and persecution caused by the world’s evil powers, but beyond all that, Daniel knows that one day, “The court shall sit in judgment, and [the evil world-ruler’s] dominion shall be taken away, to be . . . totally destroyed” (v. 26). This is the great Christian hope for the future, and an encouragement for holy living today. Not only will evil be judged, but “the power . . . will be handed over to the saints . . . [God’s] kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom . . .” (v. 27, niv).

We can live every day with confidence that ultimately the kingdom, and the power, and the glory are God’s.


“Our Father, your Kingdom come . . . on earth, as in heaven.”