The Saints' Everlasting Rest

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Daniel 12:1-13

Go your way, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days. (12:13)

Be prepared for God to speak to you when you read the Bible. While always relevant to its original situation, every Bible passage also can speak directly to you in your situation, when the Holy Spirit takes it from the printed page and imprints God’s Word on your heart. As Daniel rounds off his prophecy—much of which is still hard to understand—some precious truths come clearly into view.

Chapter 12 shows a belief in the resurrection already in the Old Testament, strongly linked with the day of judgment. That day will bring great divisions: some will rise to life and glory, others to shame and contempt (vv. 2-3). “Those who are wise” will trust in Christ and his righteousness to cover them in that terrible day.

Daniel raises the question to which we all want the answer: “When?” The answer is both clear and hidden. Hidden in a cryptic maze of symbolic numbers (v. 7), but clear and definite, for God has decreed that it shall be, and he reserves knowledge of the exact date to himself.

Daniel ends with a command and a promise: “Go . . . and rest; you shall rise . . . at the end of . . . days.” In Christ, so will we!


Lord, help me trust you now for that Day.