John Koedyker

READ : Micah 1:1-2

Hear, you peoples, all of you; listen, O earth, and all that is in it . . . (v. 2)

A long time ago when I was a youngster, I remember an adult saying to me, “Just listen and learn.” I don’t exactly remember the context, but I am sure he meant that if I would be quiet and not talk so much, I might learn something important.

Most of us find it easier to talk than listen. This seems to be the natural human tendency. But as a wise sage once said, “It is impossible for a worthwhile thought to enter your mind through an open mouth.” The apostle James says, “Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak” (James 1:19).

Micah begins his prophecy by calling upon people to listen. He wants the whole world to hear. “Pay attention; listen and learn,” he says. God has much to teach us. And believe me, as with all the Hebrew prophets, what God teaches us through Micah will not always be what we want to hear! But God knows best. He knows what the world—and what you and I—most need to hear. He wants to teach us because he wants to help us. From his heart of love he reaches down to earth because he cares about us. Will you listen?


Gracious God, thank you for speaking to us. Help us listen. Amen.