Heart Cry

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Psalm 102

Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry come to you. (v. 1)

Someone has said that while most of Scripture speaks to us, the Psalms speak for us. In 1563 John Calvin wrote in his Commentary on the Psalms, “All the sorrows, troubles, fears, doubts, hopes, pains, perplexities, stormy outbreaks by which the hearts of men are tossed, have been depicted here . . . I may truly call this book an anatomy of all parts of the soul, for no one can feel a movement of the Spirit which is not reflected in this mirror.”

Calvin was right. With stirring words of personal lament, the author of Psalm 102 bares the longings, fears, and loneliness of his heart. With desperate abandon he shares his rawest thoughts, his most intimate pains. No earthly comfort can assuage the psalmist’s grief and despair. Dark waves billow across his soul, and we feel his downward spiral. Who can read this prayer and not be moved? The words reflect, as in a mirror, the very soul of every human sufferer.

In stark contrast to humanity’s groaning condition, the writer recognizes the sublime glory of God the Father. He looks up. There, seated on high, is the Lord, ruling from his throne. Transcendent above the muck and mire of our world, he reigns forever. The psalmist knows his cry will be heard (vv. 18-22).


How grateful we are, Father, for the assurance that you hear our cries.