Who Is Your Enemy?

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Psalm 108

O grant us help against the foe, for human help is worthless. (v. 12)

External pressures abound in our world: job changes, financial stress, medical conditions . . . the list is endless. David had more than his share of troubles, too. Hadn’t Samuel promised he would be king? Where was his palace, his wealth, his royal robes? Instead, David is hiding in caves with a ragtag bunch of outlaws. His territory is a barren desert, and his enemies are hot on his trail. Some kingdom, huh?

Despite the outward and obvious opposition, in many ways David’s worst enemy was himself. Throughout his life, David—this giant of faith!—falls prey to just about every conceivable human frailty. But David’s all-too-real and obvious sins are what make him all the easier for us, who are likewise weak and flawed creatures, to identify with. What temptations do you secretly battle? What inward challenges cause you to falter or stumble in your attempt to follow Jesus?

What begins as a psalm of praise ends in petitionary prayer. Here is what truly makes David a giant of faith and a model of hope for us. In the hour of deepest need, when “human help is worthless” (v. 12), it is God “who will tread down our foes”—whether those foes are external enemies or the inner demons of our own nature. God alone is the ultimate deliverer. Put your trust in him!


Deliver us, God, from our enemies!