Who Is Watching You?

Bruce Menning

READ : Matthew 5:13-16

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (v. 16)

It was not uncommon on any given Sunday for many visitors to gather with the throng of believers for worship at the church of the China Christian Council in Beijing. But church leaders wondered why so many bus drivers began showing up among the visitors. The answer involved a recently converted new member of the church. After this man had confessed his faith in Christ, he vowed to try to make right some of the wrongs he had committed in his life before becoming a Christian.

For many years this man, like many commuters, had taken advantage of the city’s over-crowded buses by simply hopping on and off without ever paying the fare. Now this new Christian vowed to pay the back-fares, so he estimated their value over the years, sought out his regular bus driver, confessed his dishonesty, and paid the restitution. The driver was dumbfounded. He shared with his fellow bus drivers what this believer had done. And that’s why the church experienced an upsurge in visitors of one particular occupation. They wanted to learn about the power that could transform even a bus rider, who had found forgiveness and new life in Jesus.


Transform me, Lord, so that my life will witness to your love and grace. Amen.