I Heard the Lord Call My Name

Bruce Menning

READ : Isaiah 6:1-8

Here am I, send me! (v. 8)

For 2,000 years, the Holy Spirit has called men and women to preach the Good News. In renowned universities and humble schools, future preachers have been prepared for ministry in response to the gospel call.

The Dogan Gao Bible School of the Evangelical Church of Niger is starkly austere by Western educational standards. When I visited there the classroom building featured mud walls, a rusting corrugated metal roof sagging in the middle and held up by a dead branch, a door and two windows without glass panes or screens, rough-hewn desks on a cracked concrete floor, one coarse blackboard, and only a few textbooks.

Students arrive at Dogan Gao carrying all their possessions and food on their backs or in carts. After building their own houses from mud, sticks, and grass and planting gardens, their classes begin. Upon graduation, they expected to become tent-making evangelists in villages with little or no Christian presence. In a land of hardship, the school is full of eager students and their families, studying the Scriptures, singing the songs of salvation, answering the call of the Spirit in their lives to share the good news, and trusting in the provision of God.


God, who calls each of us by name, I give thanks for all who hear your call and even under the most difficult circumstances say, “Here I am, Lord, send me.” Amen.