O Word of God Eternal

Bruce Menning

READ : Psalm 119:97-112

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (v. 105)

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt traces its beginnings to Mark, the writer of the earliest Gospel. When the Coptic Church depicts the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt, the pyramids are found in the landscape. This is an ancient church in an even more ancient civilization.

The head of the Coptic Church is Pope Shenouda III. He is a student and teacher of the Bible. As a bishop of the church before his appointment as pope, he led a weekday Bible study. Some laypeople were concerned about his papal elevation. They cherished his clear and practical teaching but feared that his busy schedule as head of the Coptic Church would mean the end of the weekly sessions. As it turns out, the weekly Bible study is the one inviolable appointment in Pope Shenouda’s schedule of meetings and travel. Every week thousands of the faithful gather with him in the Coptic Orthodox cathedral in Cairo to drill deep into God’s Word.

Pope Shenouda also believes in Bible study for all ages. Today the Coptic Church is being revitalized through active Sunday schools. Furthermore, all of the bishops appointed by Pope Shenouda began their pastoral ministries as children’s Sunday school teachers.


Teach me your way, O God, and use me to teach others. Amen.