Crossing Boundaries with the Gospel

Bruce Menning

READ : James 2:1-9

My brothers and sisters, do you with your acts of favoritism really believe in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ? (v. 1)

The new church started by RCA missionaries straddled a hill in Caracas, Venezuela. On one side was a middle class neighborhood. On the other, cascading down the steep slope of the hill was a favela, a jumble of tiny houses with common walls occupied by the city’s poor. One Sunday, a family from the favela entered the church on top of the hill wondering if they would be welcomed.

Since it was the custom of the church to call on all visitors in their homes, the following evening the pastor and an elder wound their way to the humble abode in the favela. During their time with this family, friends and relatives crowded into the main room of the house or stood in the doorway for lively conversation.

When asked what the family appreciated about the new church they noted three things: “We live in the favela and were still welcomed even though this doesn’t happen in Caracas. The church took up an offering for the poor. And the pastor preached a message of God’s grace in Jesus.” Any church anywhere around the globe that does these things will be blessed!


Lord, you who know no partiality, open my life and my church to all who seek your face. Amen.