God's Eternal Word

Bruce Menning

READ : Isaiah 40:1-8

The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand forever. (v. 8)

Virtually all evidence of the church in China was erased by the radical Cultural Revolution during the heyday of Maoism in the 1960s. Church buildings were confiscated. Pastors were “reeducated” through hard labor in rural areas. The few Bibles that were not burned were hidden like precious jewels. To support the believers who remained secretly faithful, Bibles were smuggled across the border. Today, many Christians mistakenly believe there is still a need to smuggle Bibles into China.

What seems little known is since 1986 the Amity Foundation of the China Christian Council in Nanjing has been printing Bibles, song books, and Christian literature. Forty million standard, reference, and children’s Bibles have been printed, including Spanish and Portuguese Bibles that have been exported. New presses capable of printing 12 million Bibles annually were recently installed. Paper is donated by the United Bible Society enabling the purchase of a Bible for 80 cents (US) at over 100 locations throughout China.

The Word of God will stand forever in the hearts of the faithful, in holy hidden places, and in plentiful supply for all to own and cherish.


God of the living Word, I give thanks for those who translate, print, record, and distribute the Bible to waiting hands and longing hearts. Amen.