The Lie

Jerry Sittser

READ : 1 John 2:15-25

Children, it is the last hour. (v. 18)

It usually happens during periods of distress and persecution. The church begins to speculate about the end of the world. Christian teachers use biblical prophecy to predict exactly when the end times will occur and how they will unfold. Sadly, such speculation distracts the church from its primary purpose, which is to bear witness to Jesus Christ in word and deed, at home and abroad.

John informs us that many antichrists had already appeared in his day. Since then many more have come and gone. These antichrists have one thing in common: they all denied that Jesus is the Christ, the one who was sent from the Father to win our salvation through his death and resurrection. This Jesus will someday return to establish his kingdom and rule over the entire universe.

In the meantime, the mission of the church is not to speculate about the date of his return but to take comfort in Jesus’ presence and to make known to the world his saving work. If it just so happens that we do live in “the last hour,” we should use that hour in a way that counts the most.


Father, we rejoice that we know who you are in Jesus Christ. Help us to abide in him, live for him, and make him known to the world! Amen.