Yahweh Speaks Again

Michael Wilcock

READ : Genesis 13:1-18

After Lot had left, the Lord said . . . (v. 14 GNT)

Aren’t you exasperated by people who repeat themselves? Abraham’s God would be an exception, though. He says the same things over and over, yet his words come up fresh and new and relevant time after time, and his people are always learning more of him through them.

When Abraham first arrived in Canaan, Yahweh, the God of promise, told him this was the land destined for his descendants. When he came back to the same place after his stay in Egypt, he was given the same message. But see how Yahweh put it this time: All this land, in every direction, as far as the eye can see, is for all your countless descendants. And for you. And for ever.

For us it opens up a double promise, doesn’t it? The promise of the land looks ahead to the day when all who share Abraham’s faith will come home to the heavenly country that Hebrews 11:16 speaks of. And this promise tells us that in the meantime this world, where from one point of view we are pilgrims passing through, from another point of view actually belongs to us. After all, “This is my Father’s world.” Doesn’t that make it mine too?


Lord, teach us both to look forward eagerly to the next world, and to make the most of our time in this one.