Jumpin' Jehoshaphat

Kevin DeYoung

READ : a:1:{i:0;a:1:{i:1;s:29:”2 Chronicles 17:1–21:3″;}}

The people of Judah came together to seek help from the Lord. (20:4 NIV)

You don’t have to be a genius to follow the Lord. Simply ask the Lord what he thinks and do what he says. That’s the story of Jehoshaphat’s life.

“The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because in his early years he walked in the ways his father David had followed” (17:3). He did not consult the Baals. He established his authority. He sent out teachers. He sought God and God blessed him. Jehoshaphat didn’t win an empire or produce the Messiah. His obedience was pretty plain. Yet it was still obedience, and that pleased the Lord.

His secret to success was simple. He asked the Lord what to do and then did it. Before going to war with Ramoth Gilead he admonished Ahab, “First seek the counsel of the Lord” (18:4). Before fighting Moab and Ammon, Jehoshaphat prayed, “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you” (20:12).

This is the glorious and mundane life of a Christian. You ask for help, do the right thing, say no to bad things, trust the Lord in hard things, and depend on him for everything. Jehoshaphat didn’t get everything right. But he was still a great, ordinary man. And we can be too, if we ask the Lord what he thinks and do what he says.


Lord, show us the way. Help us obey. Amen.