Josiah and His Successors

Kevin DeYoung

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And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. (Eph. 6:18 NIV)

The last days of the kingdom of Judah were filled with glorious triumphs (under Josiah) and ignominious defeats (under everyone else). These days can show us how to pray.

1.Pray for godly leaders, like Josiah, who can lead and influence in a positive way for a long time. Much good can be accomplished by doing the right thing day after day.

2.Pray that God would reveal the hidden sins of your heart and smash your personal idols.

3.Pray for many faithful, able servants. The kingdom was not a one-man show, and neither is the church.

4.Pray that your heart would be good soil for God’s Word.

5.Pray for a commitment to obedience. Churches need disciples, not merely attenders.

6.Pray for an increase in “heart-religion.” Let’s celebrate God’s goodness and mourn over sin and suffering, and do both with heart-felt intensity.

7.Pray for sensitivity to sin. Unlike Zedekiah, be quick to repent.

From superpower status to exile to resettlement, God through Judah’s history was teaching his people two basic lessons: (1) Being disobedient doesn’t pay. (2) If you are, humble yourself and he will lift you up once more.


Lord, when we stumble, help us turn to you. Amen.