The Fulton Street Prayer Meeting

Jonathan Brownson

READ : Acts 1:1-14

All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer. (v. 14)

On September 23, 1857, one businessman started to pray. Before he knew it, hundreds and then thousands joined him both at North Dutch Church in New York City and around the country. In this devotional series, we will celebrate the faithfulness of a certain Reformed Church in America lay missionary named Jeremiah Lanphier.

Before we turn to Jeremiah Lanphier’s story, though, ask yourself, “Could I ever see myself inviting another person to pray out loud with me? What things might be holding me back from praying with others more often?”

To the extent that history is cyclical (what goes around comes around), the Fulton Street Prayer Revival may be “coming around the mountain” again. Over 200 local church prayer leaders—just in the Reformed Church in America—are seeking to do today something of what Jeremiah Lanphier did in his day.

This devotional is dedicated to them and to everyone who has or ever will encourage someone else to pray. Who knows, maybe by the end of the next 23 days, you will be part of their number, too. Imagine what could happen if, like the first Christians, we “all were constantly devoting [our]selves to prayer.”


Lord, forgive us for letting other people do our praying for us. We choose today to make prayer a priority for ourselves. So help us God.