At the Noon Hour

Jonathan Brownson

READ : Acts 10:9-16

About noon the next day . . . Peter went up on the roof to pray. (v. 9)

Jeremiah Lanphier held his first prayer meeting in midweek at midday. He explained why:

Finally, I was made to see that I was a sinner and needed to be born again. One day at the hour of noon I found peace by believing in Christ . . . Ever after the hour of noon was sacred. It was to me a sweet hour of prayer . . . I chose that hour (for the first prayer meeting), I suppose, because it was so precious an hour to me.

Lanphier chose noontime for personal reasons. It was at noon he found peace by believing in Jesus Christ. By choosing the time of day when he was converted, Lanphier underscored the purpose of the prayer meeting. He chose to pray for the conversion of others during the same hour when he himself first saw the light.

There were also practical reasons why Jeremiah held the prayer meetings at noon on a week day. North Dutch was a downtown church. Thousands of people worked within walking distance. Choosing the noontime hour was a convenient way to reach those who worked downtown during their lunch hour.


Lord, at noon you gave Peter a picture of the unclean becoming clean. You gave Jeremiah peace in believing. What noontime feasts might wait for those who wait on you today?