City Supplication

Jonathan Brownson

READ : Luke 19:41-44

As he came near and saw the city, he wept over it. (v. 41)

Fulton Street Prayer in 1857 was a metropolitan movement. It spread from city to city rather than from church to church.

Evangelists draw people to stadiums or arenas. The intercessors of Fulton Street brought entire cities to Christ. Prayers began to be offered at the Fulton Street prayer meetings for other cities: Rochester, New York; Dorchester, Massachusetts; Gainesville, North Carolina; San Antonio, Texas; Peoria, Illinois; Charlottesville, Virginia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

People were organized to pray in and for cities in 1857. People are doing the same today. Every year during Lent, for example, many participate in the “Seek God for the City” program. (See for materials.)

What would you say if God were to invite you to pray for some unexpected places in the next few years? What if God wanted you to actually go to those cities? The first disciples left their villages in Galilee and went to the city of Jerusalem. They waited, they prayed, and God gave them Pentecost.

Take a moment to seek God on behalf of a city. If Jesus wept over Jerusalem, surely we can intercede for the lost cities of our world.


Lord, we seek you for the city of ___________. And as we pray, we also offer ourselves to be used as answers to our prayers.