Jonathan Brownson

READ : Romans 10:1-17

Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (v. 1)

What kinds of things did people pray for 150 years ago? The Fulton Street Movement came out of a time of great economic hardship. Banks were closing, people were out of work. Even so, at least in the written prayers which have been preserved, there is little mention of the larger social or economic issues of the day. Instead, there is an ongoing parade of people: young ladies and old men, wayward children and resistant spouses. At Fulton Street, people prayed for people. Like this:

A young man residing in this City who came a few years since from England where his parents are now residing, he being the only member of his family unconverted, is presented by a Christian friend who desires his immediate conversion as a subject of special prayer.

Paul has a heart’s desire—that people he cares about be saved. Maybe that’s your heart’s desire for yourself. Invite Jesus to save you through a simple prayer. Maybe it’s your heart’s desire for someone else. Invite Jesus to do that good work in them through prayer. Like the cord from my computer to the wall outlet, you may be the only connection to God’s power for some lost person.


Jesus, Lord and Savior, my heart’s desire for ________________ is that they may be saved.