Social Transformation

Jonathan Brownson

READ : Acts 5:12-16

Now many signs and wonders were done among the people through the apostles. And they were all together in Solomon’s Portico. (v. 12)

How is it that so many signs and wonders happened in Solomon’s Portico? Maybe because the apostles were meeting there to pray. The remarkable thing about the first Christians was the way their spiritual power attracted and affected people, even in the streets (v. 15).

Where are you praying? Does your prayer get out of the sanctuary? One observer said of the 1857 prayer meetings:

If this revival of religion exerts no permanent power on the conduct of men in their daily walk . . . making them more sober, godly, and heavenly-minded; if it does not reach the intercourse of man with his fellow man in the social and commercial relationships of life, making merchants more honest, mechanics more truthful, tradesman of every name more upright, . . . if it does not elevate Christianity in the estimation of the world . . . it will have accomplished far less than we anticipated for the honor of Christ and the good of men.

This observer later reported that “it was often remarked, during the winter of 1857-58, that there was a diminution of vice, even under circumstances that might have been expected to increase it.”


Great God, may the effects of our prayers transform us, and our society too.