Weekdays and Weekends

Jonathan Brownson

READ : Luke 11:3

Give us each day our daily bread.

When Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread,” he was telling us we should pray together. When he said this day, he was suggesting we ought to pray together every day. Fulton Street prayer simply picked up on his instructions. People who were weekly and weak Christians became strong daily pray-ers. People who sat passively in a pew once a week become active workers who got together on their knees at least once a day.

Today is the first day of a three-day celebration of the 150-year anniversary of the noontime prayer revival. Leaders from around the country will gather in New York City under the theme: “Fulton Street 1857-2007: Rekindling Citywide Spiritual Awakening.”

If you happen to be in New York City this weekend, join us as we circle Ground Zero with our prayers and walk three blocks to the corner of Fulton and William to pray where Jeremiah Lanphier launched this great prayer movement. But, whether you are in the big city or simply in the presence of our big God, don’t miss the chance this weekend to pray and sing and witness the power of God together with his people.


O Lord, who taught us to pray together for our daily bread, help us to pray together each day for your power and provision.