Personal Devotion

Jonathan Brownson

READ : Acts 6:1-4

“. . . while we, for our part, will devote ourselves to prayer and to serving the word.” (v. 4)

We began on September 1 in Acts 1:14 where the first followers all devoted themselves to prayer. In a prayer-poor country, how do we find our way back? Perhaps Acts 6:4 suggests a way; perhaps we can get to the “all” of Acts 1:14 when we each do the “our part” of Acts 6:4.

On September 23, 1857, Jeremiah did his part. On this September 23, 2007, let me invite you to consider what your part might be.

Several years ago during a period of prayer and fasting, I sensed God putting his hand on my shoulder and whispering into my ear, “Jonathan, I am asking you to devote yourself to prayer and the ministry of the Word until your last breath on earth.”

If you have sensed the Holy Spirit whispering in your ear, I’d like you to tell me about it. (You may send me an email at:

I sense, and maybe you do too, that what once went around might be coming around again. Better yet, I sense that everything that goes around, goes around King Jesus. So let’s join him as he “is interceding for us” (Hebrews 7:25). Let’s stand in the world’s gap and kneel in the face of the world’s need and pray together.


In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.