A Change in Plans

Jeff Munroe

READ : Jude 3-7

I find it necessary to write and appeal to you to contend for the faith. (v. 3)

It was Easter Sunday, and moments before we were to sit down to a wonderful meal our hostess accidentally sliced open her finger. Unable to stop the bleeding, our host and hostess rushed to the hospital emergency room while we guests were left to entertain ourselves. Our hostess was more disappointed than we were—we wanted her to get the care she needed, but she felt terrible that our holiday celebration was interrupted.

Similarly, you might feel disappointed when Jude says he didn’t get to write the letter he wanted. An immoral intruder had entered the church and was teaching false doctrine. Most scholars believe that false doctrine was an early form of Gnosticism (a heresy making a surprising comeback in the 21st century).

Instead of being able to write a positive message about the wonders of salvation, Jude has to address a negative situation festering in the church. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to read the letter Jude didn’t get to write?

Circumstances can change our plans, forcing us to do what’s necessary. While it is tempting to avoid conflict by ignoring sin or error in the church, Jude teaches us that contending for the faith means opposing falsehood as well as promoting truth.


Lord, help us be faith-full people. Amen.