The Lord Is Enough

Jeff Munroe

READ : Jude 8-9

The archangel Michael contended with the devil and disputed about the body of Moses. (v. 8)

Jude just got more obscure. If you are reading about Michael, the devil, and Moses’ body and wondering, Where is this in my Bible?, you are asking a good question. Quite simply, this story isn’t in the Bible. It was from a work known to Jude’s readers but lost to us.

The story went like this: after the death of Moses, the devil believed that Moses, being a murderer (Exodus 2:11-15), belonged to him. In challenging the devil for Moses’ body, the archangel Michael defeated the devil by saying, “The Lord rebuke you!” He didn’t scream or curse or rely on his own power as a heavenly being. Michael simply called on God.

It’s tempting to get hung up on the unusual nature of the story, but here’s what Jude wants to teach us: the Lord alone is enough.

The heresy Gnosticism, fashionable then and now, seduces and flatters us with “liberating” teaching about discovering the secret of the “god” within. Old-fashioned Jude calls us back to the true God, who is enough for all of us. As one commentator puts it, “Progressive morality and progressive thinking often go hand in hand with progressive deafness to the voice of God.” Jude says, “Wake up from that dream world!”


Help us keep ourselves focused on you, Lord. Amen.