The Christian Leader

Jeff Munroe

READ : Jude10-12

These people slander whatever they do not understand. (v. 10)

Integrity, honesty, character, trustworthiness—these traits top any list of the qualities of a great teacher, leader, parent, or coach. Jude was encountering the opposite in the church.

Beginning with verse 10, Jude presents a series of accusations against the false teachers who were leading people astray in the church. He really lets them have it! The negative tone is understandable when we remember he was addressing a desperate situation where the truth of the Christian faith was at stake. A helpful exercise is to try to restate Jude’s negatives in positive terms.

In other words, if false teachers slander what they do not understand, we could say that true teachers (pastors) admit they don’t know everything and treat what they don’t understand with respect. They aren’t slanderous, they are honest.

We can broaden Jude’s point about pastor/teachers to include all who possess authority and influence, such as parents and coaches. We all have opportunities to lead at one time or another. Reflecting on the nature of good leadership shouldn’t be confined to corporate CEOs and heads of state. We all lead.

The obscure Jude is blazingly relevant as a primer for all of us on what it means to be a Christian leader. False teachers arrogantly distort the truth. Real leaders humbly tell the truth.


Lord, help us be people of truth. Amen.