What God Has Done

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Ephesians 1:3-14

God . . . has blessed us in Christ. (v. 3)

Whenever Christians pray we want to say good things about God because we realize how well he has treated us! It is good for our souls to notice and appreciate what he has done. While physical blessings may vary from person to person, Paul reminds us that all who are in Christ have been blessed “with every spiritual blessing” (v. 3). These are the best blessings in the world, and they are the only things we take into heaven with us.

Paul details them: God “chose us . . . before the foundation of the world to be holy” (v. 4). God “destined us for adoption as his children” (v. 5). God “freely bestowed,” indeed, “lavished” his grace on us (vv. 6, 8) by redeeming us and forgiving our sins—and it is all in Christ.

Don’t try to puzzle this all out. God is in control, and we humbly accept what he says. He chose us to be holy, predestined us for his family, and commands us to repent and come to Christ. Accept all Scripture at face value. Obey what you hear and enjoy what you find, for God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ—perfect love—and what the Father has done for us is all in Christ, in a living relationship with him.


Father, I praise you for all that you give us in Jesus.