Servants of the Gospel

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Ephesians 3:7-13

Of this gospel I have become a servant . . . (v. 7)

Like threads in a tapestry, Paul’s main thoughts keep re-appearing—“power” (v. 7), “the unsearchable riches of Christ” (v. 8), “the mystery once hidden” (v. 9), and the wisdom of God’s plan, which is now revealed as cosmic and at a level way beyond our comprehension.

We may not agree with Paul that he is “the very least of all the saints” (v. 8), but we do see the grace that was given him to “bring . . . the news of the boundless riches of Christ” (v. 8). We small-visioned people must open our eyes and minds and hearts to try to take in what we can of Christ’s glory, for we are the means that God plans to use to display the completed work of Christ as Redeemer to the whole universe.

And what is the practical value of this for my daily Christian living? Simple, says Paul. We are now “in Christ” as we trust in him, and so we can come at any time to this great and majestic and glorious God with no barrier or hindrance or limitation, sure that he welcomes us.

Just as practical, you and I are also servants to proclaim these riches of Christ to all. John Wesley said of his preaching, “I offered Christ to my hearers.” Let’s do the same!


Lord, help me offer Christ to others.