Where Is Home?

Dave Gifford

READ : Colossians 1:9-14

He has . . . transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved Son . . . (v. 13)

Once in a while here in Mexico I catch myself mentioning that I miss some aspect of life in the United States, my home country. I feel at home here in Mexico, but part of me will always yearn for the way it was “back there” or “back then.” And the same thing happens to me when I’m in the States—I long for Mexico.

Colossians 1:13-14 are the heart of Paul’s teaching. Every follower of Christ has been snatched from the realm of darkness and made a citizen of Christ’s kingdom. Jesus became part of our world, then died to it. He did this so that we could die to the old world with him and rise with him to become part of a new world.

The problem is that we still have one foot in the old world. Part of us yearns for “back there” and “back then.” But for Christians, what lies “back there” is nothing but darkness! That’s why Paul prays for the Colossians’ patient endurance in verses 9-12. We will need endurance to overcome our nostalgia for the old life and gracefully adjust to the new culture we are part of as members of the kingdom of light.


Lord, help me feel at home in your kingdom and be one of its model citizens.