All Hail King Jesus

Dave Gifford

READ : Colossians 1:15-20

. . . so that he might come to have first place in everything. (v. 18)

Paul’s language approaches poetry as he speaks of Jesus the Messiah, the One to whom he has surrendered his life. Jesus, the image and fullness of God! Jesus, the creator and sustainer of all things! Jesus, the reconciler and the head of the church!

This exalted description runs contrary to the way both ancient and contemporary people have diminished, neglected or rejected the man from Nazareth. Some of the Colossians seem to have worshiped angels instead of Christ (2:18). That would explain why Paul spends so much time describing Jesus in such glowing terms in this letter. But how much has changed? Here in Mexico Jesus tends to be overshadowed by veneration of the Virgin Mary. On the Internet and other media Jesus is regularly ridiculed in ways that would have been thought scandalous just a few years ago. And pluralism makes Jesus just one religious option among many.

Someday Jesus will be worshiped by all humankind as he deserves to be. Some on that day will recognize him grudgingly. Others of us will have had more practice. If you haven’t done so, why not pledge your allegiance to Jesus right now?


Lord Jesus, I bow before your Majesty and I recognize you as the Lord of my life.