Muchísimas Gracias

Dave Gifford

READ : Colossians 2:6-7

. . . continue to live your lives in him . . . abounding in thanksgiving. (vv. 6-7)

One thing that impresses me about Mexico is how courteous people are here, even though we live in a big, busy city. When we let pedestrians pass or let other cars enter a lane, there is always a curious but clear salute: they lift the back of their right hand to us, often bowing their heads slightly. What a noble gesture of gratitude!

Over and over in Colossians, Paul reminds the believers there to be thankful (1:11-12; 3:15, 18; 4:2; and today’s text). I wonder why he felt he had to mention that so many times. Maybe the Colossians were complainers. Instead of “Thank you,” maybe they said, “Life stinks!” Or maybe they had unrealistic expectations of others. Instead of “Thank you,” maybe they said, “It’s about time you got here!” Or maybe they were people who plodded through life, blinded to the many signs of grace around them.

Being grateful has a cheering effect on a bored heart. We see how much God has provided for us. I hope you take a few moments today in which to count your many blessings, and say Gracias—Muchísimas Gracias—to the Lord.


Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings I enjoy. Let me never take them for granted.