Will You Take the Plunge?

Dave Gifford

READ : Colossians 2:11-12

In him also you were circumcised . . . (v. 11)

To put it delicately, circumcision is the removal of unwanted skin or “flesh.” Christian baptism, Paul tells us, is a circumcision of sorts. Our membership in the sinful human race is like a layer of skin that we need Christ to remove from us. By dying with Jesus through baptism and faith, we are freed from the “flesh”—we die to our membership in the fallen human race. And by faith we rise with Jesus from the dead as members of a new humanity, the people of God, the Church of Jesus Christ.

To change the metaphor, Christ calls out to us from the rescue boat: “Jump from the sinking ship of sinful humankind! Jump into the waters of baptism!” Peter compares baptism to Noah’s Ark, in which people were also saved “through the water” (see 1 Peter 3:20-21). In baptism’s waters Christ pulls us up to safety. We find ourselves “in him,” in his glorious ark, the church. And soon we also find ourselves part of the crew, rescuing others as we have been rescued.

Where are you, dear reader? Are you part of the floating community of salvation? Or still in danger on the sinking ship? Are you ready to “take the plunge”?


Lord, may you rescue many people today from the sinking ship of the world.