The Winning Team

Dave Gifford

READ : Colossians 2:15

. . . he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. (v. 15 NIV)

Beaten, stripped, mocked, and hung before the crowd. The cross of Jesus was a message from Rome: “All rival kings like this one will be defeated and humiliated.” It was also a message from Jerusalem: “All such disturbers of the peace will be defeated and humiliated.”

But ultimately the cross of Jesus was a message from heaven: “With this death the devil and his legions are defeated and humiliated. Witness our moment of triumph! The devil has lost!”

Those of us who have seen the miserable effects of sin in our world latch onto this verse as our hope. We missionaries preach the cross of Christ so that people enslaved and trapped by the powers of darkness can be forever freed. As witnesses we join God in gloating over the devil’s assured defeat. “The one who has caused untold human suffering has been disarmed! Alleluia!”

Reader, do you long for an end to injustice and suffering? Do you have your own personal demons that would see you defeated and humiliated? Rejoice, for Christ has broken the power of evil. In Christ you are on the winning team, and victory is at hand!


Lord, thank you for defeating the devil. May your victory give me confidence in the battles that I face.