Ancient Mottos That Echo Yet Today

Dave Gifford

READ : Colossians 3:16

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly . . . (v. 16)

Today we celebrate Reformation Day. We remember Martin Luther, John Calvin, and many other 16th century believers who startled Europe with the forgotten message of the Bible. Today’s verse touches on many of the themes that the Reformers proclaimed so boldly:

The word of Christ! Not traditions, not opinions, not philosophies. We stand on the Scriptures as our foundation. Christ! Not Mary, not Buddha, not Mohammed, not self. Jesus alone is the way to God. Teaching and admonishing! The Reformers restored the importance of preaching during worship. One another! Not an elite clergy lording it over God’s people, exercising political power and demanding money for elaborate cathedrals. All believers are priests before God and deserve equal respect. With gratitude! Salvation is not bought, bargained for, or earned. It is God’s free gift, and gratitude is our proper response.

In some ways, Mexico resembles pre-Reformation Europe even today. But no matter where you live, these emphases of the Reformers are as urgent today as they were five centuries ago. Reformation is an ongoing process. If you are not familiar with the great doctrines of the Reformed faith, I encourage you to investigate and discover what they are all about.


Precious Redeemer, imprint your Word, your grace, and your self onto my heart and life.