I Can Help Jesus

Martha and Jaime Amaro

READ : Mark 16:14-18

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” (v. 15)

It was a Sunday in Lent in 2003, in a little church in Monterrey, Mexico. After teaching the children the story of the resurrected Jesus commissioning the disciples, I asked the children, “I wonder what each of you will do to show the way of the kingdom of God?” The children remained quiet.

Later on a ten-year-old boy who seemed as if he had been touched by the question replied, “I know how to help Jesus show others the way to the kingdom of God.” He continued, “I have a brother who is eight. He and I can make a skit for kids who are sad at the hospital. We can make them laugh and show them that Jesus loves them too.” Three years later, that little boy’s idea is now a creative and effective ministry.

More often than not we forget that Jesus’ commission was given to us too, and that Jesus is calling us to go and fulfill it. There is always someone in our lives and neighborhoods needing to hear some good news from God.


Lord, help us to have a child’s heart and to be capable not only to hear your word, but to take part in it as well. Amen.