Trusting God in "The Pit"

Debbie and Del Braaksma

READ : Daniel 6:16-23

. . . no kind of harm was found on him, because he had trusted in his God. (v. 23)

In 1992 my good friend and RECONCILE (Resource Centre for Civil Leadership) colleague Rev. John Khamis was one of 40 Sudanese students who attempted to escape from Juba to avoid the systematic killing of intellectuals by the Government of Sudan (GOS). John thought it better to risk death trying to flee than to be falsely accused of being an informant and taken to the White House—the “Auschwitz of Sudan.” Eventually the group was ambushed by GOS soldiers and six of the party were killed. The remaining 34 were placed in an underground pit for two days to await death by a firing squad.

Conditions in the pit were horrific. It was excruciatingly hot; there was no food and only two cups of water were provided to pass around among 34 parched bodies. John says that while he was in the pit this passage from Daniel was a great comfort. He knew that the same God who was able to save Daniel from death in the lions’ den was present with him. John was able to be an encouragement to the other students as they spent their time praying and singing.


God, give us the faith to trust you to take care of us in all circumstances. Amen.